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Not to be mistaken for Pefanis Bross S.A, since 1974, Pefanis Travel have been offering first class excursions, tours and Kefalonia car hire with its own fleet of modern excursion coaches and cars around Kefalonia and mainland Greece.

We have maintained an internet presence since 2001, with our main car hire site offering an Interactive Car Hire Booking System, showing our all inclusive car hire rates.

Hiring a car while on holiday here, couldn't be easier, but you need to know a few things before you do.

The roads and driving conditions are quite daunting if you're not a confident driver, so we urge you to take the utmost care while driving on our roads.

Goats, sheep and the odd donkey can turn your dream holiday into a nightmare, so please be careful if you decide to hire a car and take in the breathtaking sights, sounds and smells of Kefalonia at your leisure.

Don't be easily sold into a car hire contract you know nothing about, read the small print, chances are it is in Greek, so make sure the hirer explains everything to you.

Also, as there are many different places to eat, some good, some bad, so too are car hire companies. Car hire on Kefalonia is big business, so you have plenty of choice, but my advice is to look for a well established, long-serving company that has your best interests at heart, not their own and their pockets.

Make sure you hire a decent, well-kept car that comes with good solid insurance and again, check the small print. Look for ALL INCLUSIVE CAR HIRE RATES.

We've heard of many a holiday being spoilt by people getting caught out by the small print, having had a minor accident, or even a flat tyre and having to pay a premium, even more than the cost of the initial hire price. So, you've been warned, check the insurance and small print, trust me, I want your holiday to be a dream, not a nightmare.

When it comes to excursions, from visiting the Amphitheatre and Stadium at Olympia or discovering hidden coves around the Scorpios islands, the tours and boat trips renowned for the fantastic memories you'll keep for many years to come, can still be booked through us.

Get to know Kefalonia before you arrive by viewing information we have for you on this site, we bring to you unbiased offers from many companies here in Kefalonia, from tavernas and bars to travel agencies and accommodation.

Check back often as we continue to build upon the range of services we can offer you from this ever expanding site.

If you have something to offer on this beautiful island of Kefalonia, whether it's goods or services, we are now pleased to announce we are offering the chance to advertise in a relevant section, where you will gain exposure by highly targeted internet users.

Please contact us to find out more about your advertising opportunity on this extremely high traffic site.

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